Hard Surfaces 2023

Terrazzo, Concrete & Mosaics

Terrazzo and mosaics have been used as resilient flooring solutions for millennia. The Romans walked on such materials and although the actual materials used these days have developed somewhat, they are still essentially cementitious with stone (or other) incursions. 

This is a specialist area and companies working in it include among others Diespeker, Advanced Terrazzo & Tiles, Andrews & Sons, Agglotech, Quiligotti, Fegan Terrazzo and Zanetti. 

Developments in this market have involved products such as Achtis Group's Politura range of Microcement finished floors, designed to give an ultra-smooth finish – and not just on floors. It can also be used for walls, stairs and worktops.

The fact that cement can be coloured or stained means just about any colour is available. Currently, the grey scale is popular, no doubt influenced by the trend in polished concrete.

Another growing trend is the outside living room, separated from interior living spaces by bi-fold patio doors. Natural stone and porcelains are often used to blur the divide, but terrazzo and polished concrete is also an option.

Come along to Hard Surfaces to source experts that can custom build a concrete interior to your own exacting requirements. Discover companies like Concreations that specialise in the design and creation of bespoke handmade, polished concrete surfaces using advanced cement formulas for interior and exterior use.  Its polished concrete surfaces and products are designed to client specifications. They are a minimum of 40mm thick and can have a polished, silk or matt, smooth or rough, ground (to expose the stones) or un-ground finish.

Concrete is also a wonderfully versatile material for worktops.  The material can be cast in a mould rather than cut from a larger slab, achieving shapes and forms that are simply not possible to create from slab materials.  Concrete has a highly tactile finish with a depth and warmth to rival other worktop surfaces.


Terrazzo supplied by Agglotech to stunning effect at the Award winning Tate Britain



Hard Surfaces will be complemented by the market leading Natural Stone Show, which offers an extraordinarily varied palette of stone surfaces from around the world, together with the latest ‘Fix, Seal & Maintenance’ solutions for the hard surfaces industry. 

A packed education programme will also take place over the 3 days with 30 CPD-accredited seminars attracting over 5,000 building professionals. All visitors to Hard Surfaces will be able to cross over into the Natural Stone Show free of charge.