Hard Surfaces 2023

Building a sustainable future
with stone
 – the big picture

Tuesday 22 February

Exploring the benefits of a collaborative approach to whole-life sustainable construction, from concept and design to build and use. By involving material producers, processors, and specialist contractors at an early stage more sustainable solutions involving less waste, less energy, longer life and a lower cost can be achieved.

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Sessions included:

  1. Architect, stone specialist and façade consultants, Frances, Darren and Lefteris, discuss the challenges and opportunities of using stone in the design of low carbon buildings.  They consider the factors that contribute to the upfront embodied carbon of stone and the circular economy opportunities.  They also touch on the design and specification process and encourage early dialogue between stone suppliers and designers on each project.
  2. Tackling climate change is the biggest environmental challenge that we face today. The built environment is a major contributor through the carbon emissions from both construction and use. For new buildings the majority of lifetime carbon emissions will be directly attributable to materials, construction and maintenance. Reducing carbon emissions through better building design, low carbon material choices, resource efficiency and circular economic strategies is therefore no longer optional but essential, and with the right advice economically achievable. Simon, recently appointed Special Advisor to the Environmental Audit Select Committee, will share his expertise providing an overview of the ‘Climate crisis and why a low-carbon future matters’.
  3. Building level assessments schemes, such as BREEAM, have been around for over 25 years and have seen an exponential demand for such certification in the last decade. The construction industry consumes large quantities of resources, generates large amounts of waste, and is responsible for 50% of all carbon emissions. Therefore, the need for the industry to reduce its impact is essential if the UK wants to meet its commitment to reduce emissions by 100% by 2050. BREEAM enables the industry to demonstrate buildings' environmental credentials against a number of issues. This presentation will show how the stone industry can demonstrate its sustainability credentials through BREEAM.